Different walks of life but respect the journey. #Faith #God #SpecialNeeds #MentalHealth

People come from so many different walks of life. Every individual has their own story to share. Some of us have similar paths but very different views and outcomes. Each one being born into this world to live out a purpose that has been designed specifically for that person. Others ask me, how do IContinue reading “Different walks of life but respect the journey. #Faith #God #SpecialNeeds #MentalHealth”

Accepting the present. #MentalHealth #Grief #acceptance #love #change

In a discussion today, this thought came to me. When our loved ones life has been impacted and altered by mental illness, some of us tend to grieve the loss of the person we once knew them to be. The person before their life was impacted by this illness that came out of no where.Continue reading “Accepting the present. #MentalHealth #Grief #acceptance #love #change”

From bitter to better. Moving Forward without you. #Truths #Stigma #MentalHealth

If I can be honest. If I’m allowed to express my truths. If I can tell others how it feels to experience those chapters of my life when my youngest son died twice in my arms on two separate occasions, when he was discovered to have significant developmental delays.  When my oldest son experienced anxiety,Continue reading “From bitter to better. Moving Forward without you. #Truths #Stigma #MentalHealth”

Things I would tell that little girl. (A letter to me) #MentalHealth

To that little girl who felt confused about life. You did your best to be the best as a kid growing up in what I consider a dysfunctional family. It’s not your fault that you were shown bad representations of what “loving a child” is supposedly like. When you grow up, your going to becomeContinue reading “Things I would tell that little girl. (A letter to me) #MentalHealth”

Hoping to inspire someone

I’m writing tonight from a place of compassion and encouragement to others. My youngest son has developmental challenges. He is often mistaken for having Autism yet he has never been diagnosed. To me it doesn’t make any difference, he is just Erik and I love him as he is. Many of his friends fall onContinue reading “Hoping to inspire someone”

Stigmas & When your pain becomes God’s purpose.

I can attest that there have been seasons of pain in my life that have been self-inflicted, meaning that it was caused as a result of poor choices I have made. Other chapters of my life, there was pain that was inflicted upon me by others, their choice of words or actions. In other uniqueContinue reading “Stigmas & When your pain becomes God’s purpose.”

Trusting God, when odds aren’t in your favor.

Let me take you back to a chapter from my life when trusting God wasn’t as easy as it is written. It was one month after the 9-11 attacks. My husband and I had relocated to Tacoma from Seattle. We had a lot of changes taking place in our family. We had just moved toContinue reading “Trusting God, when odds aren’t in your favor.”