Living with purpose. #AbleNotTheLabel

See the able, NOT the label! This is my son, His name is Erik. He was just a baby here, he is now nearly 17 and able! Yes he has developmental delays but he is living his life just as anyone else would. Able and capable to try new things everyday. He has overcome manyContinue reading “Living with purpose. #AbleNotTheLabel”

Just a little piece of advice #MentalHealthMatters

This is just some advice from my own walk of life. Oftentimes I think we need to do more of these very exact statements. Instead we set ourselves up for disappointment, because we treat our friends like our therapists, and we go in way too deep instead of keeping things on the surface. Which canContinue reading “Just a little piece of advice #MentalHealthMatters”

Epilepsy the “invisible” disability.

My 20yr old daughter was just recently diagnosed as having a form of epilepsy called Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy. She has been unable to drive herself due to our state law and for safety precautions. However, we are approaching the time where she can become cleared by her neurologist to get behind the wheel again. ButContinue reading “Epilepsy the “invisible” disability.”

All about my son Erik.

To those who follow my stories about my children, this is my youngest son Erik. He was born normal and healthy and on time. But some life-altering events with his heart took place when he was just an infant, so it lead to his development being delayed. He is 17 yrs old and a seniorContinue reading “All about my son Erik.”

Tonight’s encouragement & prayer for other warriors. #MentalHealth

This is what I want writers to know. As I scroll the feed, I read All the stories where others have chosen to pour their heart out, As if it’s an open journal entry for everyone to read some of their most intimate thoughts. I read mostly ones that are tagged within the mental healthContinue reading “Tonight’s encouragement & prayer for other warriors. #MentalHealth”

My miracle, God’s gift, Erik. (Edited w/video)

Today I just wanted to share some short video clips of my youngest son, Erik. 17 years ago, while he was fighting for his life in the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) doctors told us that he would likely not survive and I’m so very glad I wasn’t convinced by their prognosis. I leaned onContinue reading “My miracle, God’s gift, Erik. (Edited w/video)”

From the paths of nothing to the journey of something. #MentalHealth

If I can be very candid, this used to be ME!! ➡UNTOUCHED, UNINFORMED, UNAWARE, UNEDUCATED 💯💯💯! UNTIL the paths I once walked “untouched” “uninformed” “unaware” “uneducated” have now become the paths which lead me into being “touched” informed” “aware” and “educated”. Which further pushed me into finding my purpose and I’ve become passionate about advocatingContinue reading “From the paths of nothing to the journey of something. #MentalHealth”

Different walks of life but respect the journey. #Faith #God #SpecialNeeds #MentalHealth

People come from so many different walks of life. Every individual has their own story to share. Some of us have similar paths but very different views and outcomes. Each one being born into this world to live out a purpose that has been designed specifically for that person. Others ask me, how do IContinue reading “Different walks of life but respect the journey. #Faith #God #SpecialNeeds #MentalHealth”

Accepting the present. #MentalHealth #Grief #acceptance #love #change

In a discussion today, this thought came to me. When our loved ones life has been impacted and altered by mental illness, some of us tend to grieve the loss of the person we once knew them to be. The person before their life was impacted by this illness that came out of no where.Continue reading “Accepting the present. #MentalHealth #Grief #acceptance #love #change”