Real heroes of bravery. #MentalHealth #Warriors

For those who don't know me personally or for those who are reading this as my first article. I am a mother of 4 young adult children with very different health challenges, one side being mental health and the other being developmental delays. So as I write this article tonight, it's to give honor, love,... Continue Reading →

Hoping to inspire someone

I'm writing tonight from a place of compassion and encouragement to others. My youngest son has developmental challenges. He is often mistaken for having Autism yet he has never been diagnosed. To me it doesn't make any difference, he is just Erik and I love him as he is. Many of his friends fall on... Continue Reading →

Be the voice they don’t have.

Parenting in my world is similar to that of some, but also very different from most. Raising multiple children with very different special health care challenges is a challenge within itself. My world is very small and select. Meaning that I only feel comfortable and free when I'm within certain environments, with select people. I... Continue Reading →

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