I’m more than just a stay at home mom.

My husband always says I’m more than just a stay at home mom & he appreciates me and that I’m a good wife & mother to our children.  So it got me thinking.  Because honestly in past times when someone would ask me, “what do you do for a living?”  I’d kinda timidly say, “OhContinue reading “I’m more than just a stay at home mom.”

Some of us are warriors without having served in a physical war or battle. #MentalHealth #Warrior

I just wanna share this thought, I dunno maybe its possible someone else might share in this same thought. Tomorrow is Veterans day. And we will honor our vets who served in the military, ones that went into battle for our country, ones who experienced & endured trauma, most returning home in a mental conditionContinue reading “Some of us are warriors without having served in a physical war or battle. #MentalHealth #Warrior”

Thank you for being honest! #Stigmasnomore

This is a short article. Just a moment of my time to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all that have read my articles and posted honest feedback. I created a collage from readers and some of the comments I have received. When I first did this blog, I honestly didn’t think anyone would readContinue reading “Thank you for being honest! #Stigmasnomore”

THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME REACH MY SMALL GOAL! #MentalHealth I don’t know who this anonymous donor is but it means alot. And since I don’t know what social outlet they read about my page to donate, I am writing this article to say THANK YOU on here, and on all my other media accounts. Let’s keep going! People need to know we care.Continue reading “THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME REACH MY SMALL GOAL! #MentalHealth”

Suicide prevention month

Hi All, Most of my followers know I’m very passionate about advocacy for issues relating to individuals who live with mental illness and giving efforts toward ending stigma. My family has personally been impacted by mental illness and I almost lost a child to suicide. But it was by the grace of God it didn’tContinue reading “Suicide prevention month”

Believe in You! #MentalHealth

You don’t need others to validate your choices. You don’t need others to boost your self esteem. Don’t give others the power to define who you are. You only need to believe in your self worth and remain confident at all times. Even thru failure you can find success. You don’t need a fortune cookieContinue reading “Believe in You! #MentalHealth”

“What’s wrong with him?” #specialneeds #mentalhealth

As a mom to my son, Erik. Down thru the years I have encountered some very nice people, but sadly I have also encountered some very nasty and ugly people. I have been asked by people of all ages from his peers to adults, “WHATS WRONG WITH HIM?” Mostly when he wasn’t talking yet andContinue reading ““What’s wrong with him?” #specialneeds #mentalhealth”

Artwork for therapy. #Epilepsy #Anxiety

Here are the latest pieces of my daughter’s art work. Welcome to SEENYART! She has been drawing since she was in elementary school, and she is turning 21 in October. Time has flown. Her art has become more skilled and developed. I’m very proud of all she has overcome and battled in her young life.Continue reading “Artwork for therapy. #Epilepsy #Anxiety”

Me, mental illness, stigma and speaking out.

This is my experience as I know mental illness, stigma and speaking out. I have a very unique journey, from both sides of the world, one being the “special needs” community, and the other being the isolated world of “mental illness”. Because for some reason God chose to let my children live with a varietyContinue reading “Me, mental illness, stigma and speaking out.”