Words matter #MentalHealth #StigmasNoMore

When people have a Mental Health diagnosis they never even wanted themselves & others throw “words” around to stigmatize, it’s like sentencing a completely innocent person to death row for a crime they weren’t even present to commit. Falsely accused of a crime. And now dealing with consequences that don’t fit. The punishment doesn’t fitContinue reading “Words matter #MentalHealth #StigmasNoMore”

Real heroes of bravery. #MentalHealth #Warriors

For those who don’t know me personally or for those who are reading this as my first article. I am a mother of 4 young adult children with very different health challenges, one side being mental health and the other being developmental delays. So as I write this article tonight, it’s to give honor, love,Continue reading “Real heroes of bravery. #MentalHealth #Warriors”

My miracle, God’s gift, Erik. (Edited w/video)

Today I just wanted to share some short video clips of my youngest son, Erik. 17 years ago, while he was fighting for his life in the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) doctors told us that he would likely not survive and I’m so very glad I wasn’t convinced by their prognosis. I leaned onContinue reading “My miracle, God’s gift, Erik. (Edited w/video)”

From the paths of nothing to the journey of something. #MentalHealth

If I can be very candid, this used to be ME!! ➡UNTOUCHED, UNINFORMED, UNAWARE, UNEDUCATED 💯💯💯! UNTIL the paths I once walked “untouched” “uninformed” “unaware” “uneducated” have now become the paths which lead me into being “touched” informed” “aware” and “educated”. Which further pushed me into finding my purpose and I’ve become passionate about advocatingContinue reading “From the paths of nothing to the journey of something. #MentalHealth”

Mental Health Awareness. #MentalHealth #Support Please sponsor me in this movement today. This will be my first 5k. And mental illness is a topic I’m passionate about. Or you can also buy a t-shirt with the message “End the Stigma” and help spread the message. If you believe that Mental Health Matters than let’s stand united and spark aContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness. #MentalHealth #Support”

An analogy about mental illness. #MentalHealthAwareness #MentalHealth

If I had to come up with an analogy about mental illness, it would be a little something like this. It’s like those invisible bacterias and germs inside the foods we eat, or on the utensils we use. We can’t see them, so we’re unaware they exist, up until that moment when they produce symptomsContinue reading “An analogy about mental illness. #MentalHealthAwareness #MentalHealth”

Change the people around you. #Stress #SelfCare #Relationships #MentalHealth

This is a short one for today. Just a simple thought, but very honest. It’s not up to us to change a person. Some people are toxic for us to be around. If a person isn’t good for your growth, well-being, mental health than it’s time to make some changes. If you can’t change theContinue reading “Change the people around you. #Stress #SelfCare #Relationships #MentalHealth”

Different walks of life but respect the journey. #Faith #God #SpecialNeeds #MentalHealth

People come from so many different walks of life. Every individual has their own story to share. Some of us have similar paths but very different views and outcomes. Each one being born into this world to live out a purpose that has been designed specifically for that person. Others ask me, how do IContinue reading “Different walks of life but respect the journey. #Faith #God #SpecialNeeds #MentalHealth”

Accepting the present. #MentalHealth #Grief #acceptance #love #change

In a discussion today, this thought came to me. When our loved ones life has been impacted and altered by mental illness, some of us tend to grieve the loss of the person we once knew them to be. The person before their life was impacted by this illness that came out of no where.Continue reading “Accepting the present. #MentalHealth #Grief #acceptance #love #change”

From bitter to better. Moving Forward without you. #Truths #Stigma #MentalHealth

If I can be honest. If I’m allowed to express my truths. If I can tell others how it feels to experience those chapters of my life when my youngest son died twice in my arms on two separate occasions, when he was discovered to have significant developmental delays.  When my oldest son experienced anxiety,Continue reading “From bitter to better. Moving Forward without you. #Truths #Stigma #MentalHealth”