Just a little piece of advice #MentalHealthMatters

This is just some advice from my own walk of life. Oftentimes I think we need to do more of these very exact statements. Instead we set ourselves up for disappointment, because we treat our friends like our therapists, and we go in way too deep instead of keeping things on the surface. Which canContinue reading “Just a little piece of advice #MentalHealthMatters”

Hit the ignore button. #Stress #relaxation

Sometimes managing everyone’s stress is what causes you stress. Especially when trying to manage conversations, insensitive comments, arguing, bickering and complaining, and trying to prevent the volcano from erupting. This is the moment when you just stop, breathe, hit the ignore button and turn up your favorite music or whatever else helps you to moveContinue reading “Hit the ignore button. #Stress #relaxation”

From my heart to your purpose. A poem… #MentalHealth #YOUmatter

I just wanna hug that person who people shunned away, I just wanna love that person who was abused all day. I just wanna show that person how much I care, I just want them to know I’m here, I’m aware. I just wanna give them acceptance they may have never received, I really wantContinue reading “From my heart to your purpose. A poem… #MentalHealth #YOUmatter”

Epilepsy the “invisible” disability.

My 20yr old daughter was just recently diagnosed as having a form of epilepsy called Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy. She has been unable to drive herself due to our state law and for safety precautions. However, we are approaching the time where she can become cleared by her neurologist to get behind the wheel again. ButContinue reading “Epilepsy the “invisible” disability.”

All about my son Erik.

To those who follow my stories about my children, this is my youngest son Erik. He was born normal and healthy and on time. But some life-altering events with his heart took place when he was just an infant, so it lead to his development being delayed. He is 17 yrs old and a seniorContinue reading “All about my son Erik.”

Tonight’s encouragement & prayer for other warriors. #MentalHealth

This is what I want writers to know. As I scroll the feed, I read All the stories where others have chosen to pour their heart out, As if it’s an open journal entry for everyone to read some of their most intimate thoughts. I read mostly ones that are tagged within the mental healthContinue reading “Tonight’s encouragement & prayer for other warriors. #MentalHealth”

MORE can be done, but its little that is being done. #MentalHealth #Stigma

Sure no one should be blamed for a mental health problem. It is my belief that everyone has a mental heath problem at one time or another. The problem is that no one can tell a person has a mental health issue. No one wears a sign! Thus, until there is a way to noticeContinue reading “MORE can be done, but its little that is being done. #MentalHealth #Stigma”