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Thank you for being a faithful follower.

I’d like to say a special thank you to those who have followed my articles here and given me their honest feedback, comments.

I have decided to continue utilizing with the free blog sites, therefore, “” domain will no longer be valid or owned by me.  I am currently, working toward writing a book and will be devoting much more time with this.  I believe if, I’m not mistaken that this blog site will return to the free site, which is   It is also my understanding that some or all of my articles may be erased or deleted once this change takes place.

I still plan to write and share articles here, but just not as often as I have in past times.  As for my book, once it is finished I will let the world know.  I truly hope that others will take an interest and purchase it, as I plan to share my unique journey when it involves mental illnesses, and developmental challenges, with my role as a mother caring for her children.

Thank you again for being here!  I truly appreciate you all!

-Erika Brooks


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