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See the person, NOT the illness! #MentalHealth

My old tweet regarding my views about mental health

So the matters of the heart we can talk about literally, and likely won’t receive any negative comments or backlash. But if it comes to our brain getting sick and in need of healing, there is oftentimes so much more than just a gentle conversation that takes place.

We are so far from where we need to be, and I’m just hoping I’ll still be around when CHANGE actually takes place.

We need to let individuals who battle in silence, that their feelings are valid and that when their symptomatic it isn’t their fault. Places that are designed to provide care and treatment also need to do better at interacting and be trained on what to do in crisis situations, instead of stigmatizing someone who walks into an ER and says they have BPD, versus someone who walks in and says they have depression. The stigma and in my own opinion of which I call discrimination just because of a “diagnosis” is just wrong!

See the person, NOT their illness & don’t judge by their diagnosis. Because when you continue to stigmatize it just keeps the vicious cycle of making others feel like no one understands, and leaves them trying to fight a battle all on their own, because of fear, anxiety and depression. Fear about what will happen, anxiety about what others think, and depressed by feeling the situation is hopeless.

I’m not just typing random ideas here, I’m talking about my journey and what my experiences have been by witnessing others being mistreated by clinical staff. Just because some need to be handled firmly, doesn’t mean ALL need to be handled that same way. It’s disheartening to feel like as a mom/parent/caregiver that we cannot trust others who are in the profession to provide adequate care for our loved ones in what is a very sensitive yet desperate cry for help!

And unfortunately all it takes is one bad experience to make a person very hesitant to trust the process if and when it may be needed again.

Mental illness is already difficult, challenging, frustrating, confusing, mind-altering to deal with all on it’s own, so the last thing needed is an insensitive trained person who shows they could give a rats butt about my loved one. This is what I have said to someone before “If you don’t like your job in the mental health field than go work somewhere else!”

That’s all for this evening. Thanks for reading.

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