Words matter #MentalHealth #StigmasNoMore

When people have a Mental Health diagnosis they never even wanted themselves & others throw “words” around to stigmatize, it’s like sentencing a completely innocent person to death row for a crime they weren’t even present to commit. Falsely accused of a crime. And now dealing with consequences that don’t fit. The punishment doesn’t fit here in this scenario. Stop punishing, stigmatizing and scrutinizing people who have mental health challenges. Who knows where life will take you next. What if the tables were turned and you suddenly had a mental health diagnosis?

#EndTheStigma #StigmasNoMore #MyAnalogy


One thought on “Words matter #MentalHealth #StigmasNoMore

  1. Words really do matter! Just recently I was publicly accused of attention seeking because of my anxiety and depression. Again just highlighted the prejudice that exists around mental health even in friendships! X

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