From the paths of nothing to the journey of something. #MentalHealth

If I can be very candid, this used to be ME!! ➡UNTOUCHED, UNINFORMED, UNAWARE, UNEDUCATED 💯💯💯! UNTIL the paths I once walked “untouched” “uninformed” “unaware” “uneducated” have now become the paths which lead me into being “touched” informed” “aware” and “educated”. Which further pushed me into finding my purpose and I’ve become passionate about advocating for people with mental health disorders and developmental disabilities.  Why? Because I understand the struggle, daily battles.  Because I see the stigma, the false representations, assumptions, speculations, infiltrated by the media.  They edit, crop, filter out to show what they want uninformed people to see as “mentally ill” or “disabled”.  Which not only places the idea of limitations on people but also we are somewhat forced to use some of the same terms when writing articles such as this one, just to grab the attention of the uninformed.

This is a quick sketch for a visual.

sketching on my daughters surface pro. I’m not quite the artist, but this creation hopefully gives you a visual.

Thank you for being here. I don’t take lightly the support you’ve given me by your comments, follows and shares. Again, this is my own journey. Every person has their own path, journey, and story to tell. This just happens to be mine, For now……until God says otherwise.

Blessings to you ALL!

You can donate here to help me, help others.

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2 thoughts on “From the paths of nothing to the journey of something. #MentalHealth

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  1. You have an “End The Stigma/Fundraiser” on your page. Stigma is so hard and cold to deal with. I’ve learned to avoid it as often as possible. I have a service dog to help me with dissociation due to PTSD. I also struggle with the diagnoses of depression/anxiety and, the worst of all stigma causing diagnosis, gender dysphoria. I just plain keep my gender dysphoria to myself. However, I am transitioning….


    1. Yes that fundraiser is launched by me and people can buy a shirt or donate directly to the non profit which is not affiliated with me personally, but its a non profit that I believe in their cause. They reached out to me during crisis with my own child. So basically people will get a shirt, and being making a contribution toward their project 375. Its the second time launching it. And I also have joined a team of walkers for NAMI and we will be wearing our shirts with a message we stand behind. There is SO much more work to be done, than just wearing a shirt, but I wear mine a lot because I’m a walking billboard. And it opens a conversation at times. And yes stigma is a fight of its own.


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