An analogy about mental illness. #MentalHealthAwareness #MentalHealth

If I had to come up with an analogy about mental illness, it would be a little something like this.

It’s like those invisible bacterias and germs inside the foods we eat, or on the utensils we use. We can’t see them, so we’re unaware they exist, up until that moment when they produce symptoms upon us, and impose on our day, making us feel sickened and desperate to feel better. And our intent was to impart some nutritional value while sitting down to eat, and now that very meal that was designed to give us nutrition and energy, has become that same meal we will always remember that made us ill. So from that point forward we will likely never eat that same meal again, or be skeptical to consume it. One bad experience shifts the whole way we choose from that point forward. And we were just going along about our day, and didn’t expect to, want to, or ask to become ill, it just happened!

Unfortunately, there isn’t always a warning label!

Hopefully this article will give someone some thing to think upon, next time you think about mental illness. Specifically, those who are quick to stigmatize, judge, and lack understanding.

Thanks again for being here. This is my journey, my thoughts, my views and the path that life has taken me and my family. I speak for myself, but I also speak for others.

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