Different walks of life but respect the journey. #Faith #God #SpecialNeeds #MentalHealth

People come from so many different walks of life. Every individual has their own story to share. Some of us have similar paths but very different views and outcomes. Each one being born into this world to live out a purpose that has been designed specifically for that person.

Me and my youngest son. 3/31/19

Others ask me, how do I manage to do it ALL with the various challenges my children face? How do I keep it together? How am I able to financially support a big family with one source of income? When do I have time for myself? When do I get rest?

My answers, all lead to my faith in God. My Jesus journey hasnt been a bed of roses, but I have learned to trust in him down through the years. I was once skeptical about 22 years ago when I first walked into the church doors. I wasn’t raised in church and in fact very opposite. Bibles, prayer and Sunday school was never a thing of my upbringing. I’ve been tested, tried, retested and retried but in the end God has shown himself faithful even in times when I wasn’t. 22 years ago is when I came to the Lord and I’ve remained with Him since.

I keep it together with prayer, meditation, as well as natural things such as exercise at times, counseling, keeping healthy relationships, and dismissing toxic ones.

All I can say is AMEN!

I have had to quit so many jobs that I truly enjoyed due to the health crisis of my children’s lives. Money cannot replace my children or the emotions that came along with each chapter of life that was impactful. God shall supply all my needs, is what His word says and HE has yet to fail me. My husband is the sole source of earned income, but the key is being responsible with what we have been blessed with, while walking by faith not by sight.

One of my own sayings

My free time consists of staying up late once everyone is off to bed and tucked in their beds. My time of enjoyment is when my children are all doing well and no one is in the hospital as a result of their diagnoses. When I can look around and see that they are happy and fulfilling their own dreams and goals. Not fussing about a dirty room anymore, because life has much bigger issues and things that I should draw my attention toward. I rest in the Lord, meaning I know even in the bad times He is going to handle it and I just have to endure the process. My family and I have been thrown into the fiery furnace so many times, yet God made us fireproof. While the fire was intended to burn us up, instead it burnt up everything toxic around us. The heat purified things that were once impure.

This statement holds true for myself

My husband is not God, nor is he a god. But he is my partner for life. He is my one and only best friend. I honor him as the man he has proved himself to be in my life and in his role, not only as a husband but a good father to our 4 children.

My husband, Carl & myself. (Seahawks shuttle)

Our relationship began in high school and we’ve grown together, facing much adversity from racial slurs, verbal attacks because were an interracial couple. But we stuck together and we are still together, stronger by our faith. If it had not been for the Lord, I truly do not think we would still be together today.

My oldest son sharing his journey as a young man and opening up about his diagnosis with bipolar disorder

Presently, today my family is somewhat broken but still good as stitch would say from that cartoon. My children are all growing into adults. We are all at different stages of our lives. I have accepted my role as a mom and advocate. I am used to being home now. My mindset is different than it used to be in the “corporate world”. I no longer belittle my role as a “stay home mom or housewife”. I am NO where near perfect, not at all, and I’m the first one to raise my hand and admit my every fault and sin, but I also know not to stay down for too long after being knocked over. I’m not afraid anymore. I know there are brighter and better days ahead. I know because I’ve been where others are now, and I’ve been there before but I have also been brought out to see the other side. I’ve suffered many things, but I am a survivor with a voice to speak not only for myself, my children but others who haven’t found their voice yet.

Selena, Carl III, Erik (present day)

I have the most valuable role and it’s what I am called to do. To be here for my children and husband without being exhausted from a 8 hour job that used to rob me of quality time with them.

My sole focus is to help my children become independent and develop life skills. Learning how to be a person of integrity, being kind to everyone. Supporting them in hardships and encouraging them to hold onto their faith in God for themselves. Not because of “religious tradition” but to develop and spend time in their own relationship with God. Because when life hits hard, and crisis disrupts your life, that college degree, part-time job, fancy car, new Jordan shoes, favorite song, these will no longer matter.

This was hung over my sons hospital bed

They have all been blessed enough at such young ages with various hardships and tribulations that they have already begun to learn that God is their only source for help in times of trouble. And in hindsight, I’m grateful even though those moments seemed dark and hopeless. Well you can’t find hope unless you’ve been hopeless right?

Another paper I typed, printed and taped to my sons hospital bed

I didnt write this article to preach, or to impress my beliefs upon you. I’m simply just answering the questions that others seem to ask me time and time again. This is what works for me and my family. We tried everything else, but God is and has been the only one and consistent support in life.

Thank you for listening and being here. Blessings to you.

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  1. Enjoyed this post very much and totally resonated with me and God bless you. I have also been a stay at home mom/wife but now my girls are 21,26, and 27. I’m enjoying being able to do ladies ministry, traveling with my husband and writing.

    My 27 year old is almost completely deaf, but she does amazing! She also has klipple fiel syndrome and wilder Vanks syndrome and chiari. She had the brain decompression a few years ago. Doing great!

    The drs told us she would never read above a 4th grade level and she’d never be able to do anything with worship but let me tell you that girl has her Bachelors in ministry, counseling, and Christian leadership. She loves worship and sings alllll the time. She’s a reverend too! I always told her you don’t believe what “they” say cus our God is BIGGER, I continued to speak life and God’s word and it’s simply amazing what God is doing in her life.
    If you ask me being a wife and mom is the highest calling. Your doing an awesome job! God bless you and your sweet family!🙏🏻🤗


    1. Aww. Thanks! I truly appreciate the validation and encouragement. It is most definitely the most rewarding thing for me also. So many of my friends often say how blessed I am to be able to stay home and wish they could switch roles, however, that’s about the only part of it they want. They want the glory without the story. They want the blessing without the suffering. And your absolutely right, God is bigger. Doctors gave said my youngest wouldn’t live and if he did he would be a “vegetable”. You can read more about a part of his journey in a different article I wrote called “Trusting God when odds arent in your favor”. If you have time. Its pretty long. I’ve been told I need to write a book. Lol. Blessings to you and your family as well. Thanks again for inspiration. 💕🙏


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