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A Night to Shine.

This will be one of the most memorable, positive events to look back upon. My son, Erik (far left) and his night to shine, along with husband and other 2 children.

After all, my family has endured, overcome and battled through up to this point. This was an amazing evening. I strongly encourage anybody else who hasn’t attended this event, which is sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation, to attend next year.

The church that hosted our event, was Rainier View Christian Church. They did a wonderful job at decorations, and making each family feel welcomed and loved. Absolutely, a stigma-free environment there. We didn’t have to worry about our son’s behaviors or loud talking, bothering anyone.

His host, Alyx was amazing. Such a sweet young lady. They were served dinner. They had a photo, shoe shine, and hair/makeup booths.

There was even a limousine service where my son and his host/date took a short ride and was dropped off for a grand entrance to the red carpet.

This was an all around fantastic evening, not only for my youngest son with developmental challenges, but for our entire family. It did my heart good and brought me so much joy to see the smiles upon everyone’s faces. To see all the other families, caregivers, and special guests being blessed with a evening where they could all just breathe and not have to worry about the stigmas, the stares, the whispers, or the pressures of feeling uncomfortable.

If only every place, event, restaurant, movie theaters, store, atmosphere could be this welcoming to my family, my children and other families. The world could become a much better place to share inspiration.

My son, Erik is 17 now and he’s had to overcome a tremendous amount of health challenges, from dying twice, to seizures, developmental delays, speech delays, and yet he is here, and he is very much full of life. And all he wants is to be accepted, respected, and acknowledged as “Erik”. Not the labels or the stigmas. Just Erik.

Please be kind to others, everyone has a unique journey. Everyone is able to show compassion and respect toward others, but its a choice. After all, you just never know when your own life may take that tipsy topsy turn and spin you into a whirlwind of a storm where now you’ve found yourself becoming the voice your loved one doesn’t have. You may need to become an advocate one day.

Thank you for being here once again. Blessings to everyone.


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